Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Family Trip to Gatlinburg, Tennessee!

This post is seriously overdue. But then, any post on this neglected blog is overdue. But just because I'm not posting doesn't mean that I'm not doing anything. In fact...I am doing lots of things, hence the fact the blogging is getting pushed aside again...and again...and again. But here it, the long overdue "Tennessee Post!"
In the very beginning of June our family took a trip to Tennessee. Our parents were there before, and so they wanted to take us. And because we have 360 pictures, this is going to be the biggest post I ever did in my entire life! Just kidding. Posting 360 pictures would be...dreadful, to put it nicely.
Okay. So I'll start at the beginning, where it all starting with a 10-hour drive. Actually not that bad, all things considered. Even the little one-year-old Caleb, trapped in his seat, did preeeetty good for being only one.

Family picture! Taking pictures isn't my favorite thing to do, but they're good for the memory.

Caleb standing in the door of our cabin were we stayed. It was a few minutes from Gatlinburg. 

Me reading The Scarlet Pimpernel on our porch. That book is easy read compared to many of the other classics I read. I wouldn't exactly call it a masterpiece of literature despite what other people say, but then I haven't finished it yet. I will do a review when I actually get it finished. And despite the easy reading and somewhat shallow plot, (maybe I'm just used to Charles Dickens?) it is really is a great book! It's exciting, and I am eagerly anticipating the ending. (Who is the brave and elusive Scarlet Pimpernel anyway?) :)  

Daddy and the boys doing their grilling thing.  

A bedtime snack the night we got to Tennessee. :)

Joey hiking the almost-straight-up hill across from our cabin. I didn't attempt that hill. :) But Haley did it, so...

 My dear sisters.

Go-karting! :)This was fun. I did bumper cars before, but never go-karts.

Mommy and Daddy both took Haley on the ride in the double kart.

And no matter how hard I pressed the gas pedal...

...Ben and Joe could always pass me. :)

We celebrated Jalisa's eighteenth birthday in Tennessee. Visit her blog here.
We visited the  Dixie Stampede on the night of her birthday. That was a neat experience.

 We took a loooong hike way back in to see this awesome waterfall. There were steep cliffs all around, and it was actually kinda dangerous, but it was great.

 The boys climbed the whole way to the top of the waterfall.

Yes, these cliffs were HAZARDOUS! :) 

 And here are some family pictures to finish the Tennessee post.


  1. sounds fun!!! And a lot of pictures!!! The pics are SOOOOOO good too!!!!!! I love the one of caleb on the fence, and you got some really good group pics.

  2. Thats so cool!!! The pictures got really good!!


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