Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Quizzing 2012! (Smiles!)

Here, finally is a quizzing post. For those of you that know me, you know that quizzing is huge part of my life right now. :) I love it, even though it is a lot of work, it is worth it! So here are some pictures of quizzing, studying, and a some other things. 

It's the Hope Effect! :) Yes, our name is "Effect," and it comes from James 5:16, "...the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much." 

My team is just...awesomeness! Laura, Lexi and me. I'm the oldest and the shortest. No surprise, huh? :) 

Our team with our beloved-est coach. (Smiles) Also Laura's mom. 

Me answering a question. Supposedly I put my hands on my hips when I don't know the answer, but I think I got this one.

High fives after a correct answers. A lot of high-fiving goes on at quizzing. It's cool.  

Having a earnest discussion with Lexi. (Yeah, I know I look dorky on most of these pictures! hehe) 

We made lots of new friends at quizzing this year. So fun! Some of them I remembered a little from other quizzing years, but not all of them. In this picture I'm talking to Trina from Weavertown...

....and this is Amber from Maranatha. 

This quiz was awesome. I had one of my totally favorite quizmasters (Shawn King), and it was a really close quiz. We were quizzing some of our friends in the picture, Diego and Tiffany (Tiffany is in the black), and so a lot of laughing went on. :) 

Time-out! This is when we receive moral support and advice from our coach. (My coach and my team are my support in stressful quizzes.) :) And so, even if we lose a quiz, we laugh and say "Better luck next time." :)    Having a awesome all-girl team is so fun, it makes our team stick together in a special way. 

Lexi and I! Yeah, I think we were feeling a little goofy

These next pictures are of us studying, but I don't think too much studying was actually going on. :) 

We were in our cabin at Boulder Ridge Retreat. 

Yup, I study FTV! (Finish This Verse) I love it!
But here is a secret: I can't do reference. It seems my brain just can't handle it. :) 
So to all the other reference quizzers...I'm no threat. Hehe 
(Except 1 Peter 5! It only has 14 verses, so I can do reference on that chapter) 

 The opening verse. Man, I wonder how many times I quoted that verse? :) 

Tired of studying, supposedly sleeping.

 Okay, maybe not. :) 

 My darling little brother climbing the ladder up to the loft of the cabin. 

 We got tired of studying. :) 

So that's quizzing, and I love it! :) If you are willing to study hard, it's worth the work and a fun and useful way to memorize the Bible. I used to hate memorizing, but quizzing fixed me up good and proper. :) 
So if you ever want to try it...go for it! 

Monday, February 27, 2012

Wordle! :)

I made this word cloud on Wordle.net. You just type in the words you want in the cloud and it automatically creates the cloud. I did this one of quizzing. And yes, there is a quizzing post coming. :)  

Monday, February 20, 2012

My Pretty Little Rose

Daddy got me and my two sisters each a lovely rose for Valentines day. Sweet, huh? :) 
Here's a couple pictures of mine...

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Yup. Him.

Yeah, I know. Just came across this picture and loved it! :) What a flattering look...

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