Monday, April 16, 2012

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Highschool Trip!

This year for the first time our homeschool group went on a high school trip. It really was quite fun. We visited our nation's capital, Washington D.C., and Baltimore, Maryland. Here is some pictures from our awesome time. 

All of the students. We had ten students and six adults along. We had a blast on the field trip just hanging out and even the touring was fun. :) 

Me, Lexi, and Katelyn (Smiles)

Arlington National cemetery.  Around 300,000 veterans are buried there.

 The Eternal Flame burns at the grave of former President John F. Kennedy. 

 The Changing of the Guard. So stiff, proper, and ceremonial!  

 The huge, impressive capital building.


 Our group in front of the Capital building.

 Daddy, Jalisa and I. It was really awesome having  Daddy along on the trip. :)

 The beautiful dome inside the Capital building.

 The ornate interior of the Library of Congress.

My dearest Lexi and Katelyn! :) 

 My dad on my sister's lovely hot pink phone! (hehe)

 We had a tour of a government building by Welby Lehman, who works there. It was very interesting!

An old factory turned bookstore and restaurant. There were lots of beautiful buildings in Baltimore! 

Me with my lovely friends! Such fun!They really are the best. :)

The Baltimore Aquarium was also very cool. :) 

A dolphin show!

We watched a 4-D show. Yeah, it! Water sprays, jabs in the backs, snakes around my feet, and all! It was VERY entertaining. I felt so tense, just waiting for what was coming next! hehe

The view from the Top of the World, a tall building in Baltimore. 

Me and my dear sister! :)

Lexi and her dad.

The view of the beautiful inner harbor!

All and all we had a great time!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Delicous Iced Coffee

This iced coffee is really, really good. Nice and sweet and thick and rich. Ahh. Just right. 
So, here you go!

Iced Coffee 
2 1/2 cups waters
1/2 cup hot chocolate mix
Heaping 1/3 cup of instant coffee (Adjust to taste)
3/4 cup sugar

Heat until dissolved. Add 2 cups French vanilla creamer and 6 cups milk. Serve over crushed ice. (It's a lot better over ice because it is best really cold) Makes a little less than a gallon. 

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