Thursday, July 26, 2012

DIY Bow Clutch

 These little clutches are so cool. Because they are "Do it Yourself!" Yay! :) So far I made four. 
Seriously, it's awesome. So here is the link to go make a clutch yourself. Click here!
 This is the first one I made: 


  1. Tori, that's so cute! and it looks pretty simple! 'Cept maybe the zipper... but i think i might make one.

  2. tori,, that's soo awesome.. your first one turned out great, how did u get ur zipper to look soo nice??? i love the color btw..

  3. actually jenny the zipper got the best on the first one i made!! how crazy is that? :)

  4. yeah same with me, the rest were kinda ehhh..... but it looks super, btw... i'm really impessed...


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