Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Since my sister is moving away for nine months, that means something. It means I will really miss her. That also means that I get my own room for nine months. Nice. (There is a few benefits) That also means that I can decorate it however I want to. And so I am planning a theme, a mixture of music and vintage. So hopefully in August when she moves away,  I will be posting pictures of the finished product. Here is something that is already underway. I took this picture of my violin in the woods at our house, edited it using PicMonkey, and ordered a canvas from York Photo. They had a sale on canvases, and so both Jalisa and I ordered one. So I am hoping it will come today or tomorrow! 
By the way, the textures and daguerreotypes on PicMonkey are amazing. You should really try them.
I'll post a picture of canvas when it arrives. :)  


  1. Uhh!
    That is a bea-utiful theme for your bedroom. What freedom. *Sigh*!

  2. Hey Tori, what a gorgeous picture!! I enjoy using PicMonkey as well.



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