Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sweet Summer

Summer is here in all it's glory, although the official first day of summer...isn't until June 20. Can you believe it? The weather is lovely! I guess some hot spring weather is just what we need. After all, we had a very mild winter, so I guess Spring is just following suit. And if it's 90 degrees in the middle of spring...what about the middle of Summer? :) We shall see! For now I will enjoy today, which the forecast says will be "a high of 79 degrees Fahrenheit." And right between the UV index (which it says at 9 is "very high", anybody for tan?) and the time of sunrise (5:37 am), the page reads: "Snowfall: 0 in." Yup, that's my kind of day, since summer is my favorite season and the winter snows aren't my favorite. And by the way, the moon is currently a waxing gibbous. :) Weather pages are very informative. 
         So, we are in such a streak of lovely weather...this blog is due some pool pictures. :) My little brother (age 1 year and 8 months) went swimming twice now in his little blue pool. So here are some pictures from both occasions.

Yeah ,we know all that he's 100% cheesy. :)


 ...she braves the ice-cold sprinkler.

 My other little brothers (one of which is 2 inches taller than me) riding through the sprinkler.

 Life is great...

 We all need some sisterly affection...

 ...and a duck.

What a novelty: a hose! 

 "Wow...this is just...too cool!"

Older Brother gets caught in the freezing spray.

 Many more fun summer days to come, I think!
Have yourself the wonderfullest summer ever.


  1. *sigh* oh yes. Isn't it wonderful. :)
    I need to swim once too! Little brothers and sisters were TRYING to persuade me.
    Maybe next time!

  2. June! Wow...*sigh* I cant believe it! Summer is practically here! we got out of school today! AWESOME! but, yet... i'll miss school a little i think. :(
    Did anyone else think that this school year went fast?


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