Monday, March 12, 2012

Quizzing...then and now! :)

Wow. Things change. :) Quizzing in 2010, 2011 and 2012. My teams changed but I had so much fun every year! Collage credits to my cousin Lexi. And yes, it was a little humbling to put that 2010 picture on my blog. I look a little...well, just a little strange. Oh well, I guess that's how you look after a long, hard day of quizzing.  :) Update on Quiz Retreat and Chorus Tour 2012 coming soon!  


  1. all i can say is..WOW!!!! i think were improving! maybe?! haha was awesome quizzing w/ you 3 years in a row!! whoohooo! i love how were holding trophys in the first 2 and a choco. bunny in the last!!! lol. quizzing 2012 was AMAZING!!! btw, i cant wait for your tour and retreat post!!

  2. haha wow is definatly an appropriate word for those pictures(: lol it can be funny looking back at old pictures but also very.... VERY..pAinful!! hahah and yeah lexington i think we kinda failed the HOPE name- not getting a trophy(: hahaha and we didnt even win the bunny quiz!!! haha "do we still get a bunny??" haha(:

  3. Aww, you guys are awesome!
    A real reflection of good sportsmanship and hard, GOOD quizzing!
    I know as well as anybody that you's totally deserved a trophy!


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