Monday, August 8, 2011

Violin Challenges-No. 1

This is the song I am currently practicing on my violin. I just started the book "Bach: Sonatas and Partitias" not long ago. It has some incredibly hard songs in it that I'm not even close to being able to play, so I'll be in the book for a loooong time. Years. :) This is the second song in the book that I am learning, those are probably the two easiest ones. Haha. And let it be known, dear readers, that I do not play this song at the speed of this video. I play it maybe a tenth that fast. lol That is the real speed that it should be at. I didn't master it like that yet. I still have some work to do. Smiles.
Some time I'll post one of the really hard songs from the book. They are amazing but I won't be able to play them for a long time! This book has also brought some new musical challenges, such as a totally new kind of fingering. This fingering is very common in Classical music, but it is really tricky for me. :) Hope you enjoy this video.

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