Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Letters-No. 1

I am going to start a series on this blog called "The Letters." My friend and I love to write letters back and forth, since we don't see each other very often. We also love to decorate the envelopes of the letters. And so, I am going to post pictures of the envelopes, to give my readers ideas for decorating envelopes. So,I'm gonna put one that my friend did for me.

I love this one. :)

She really made this letter awesome! She put the paper and stitching on half the envelope, and that gorgeous carnation-like flower. Then she wrote in cursive to finish the elegant look. We call each other by make-believe names, thus "Peggy" on the front of the envelope. lol

The theme, as you can see, is "Classy Carnation."

I think that one of my blogging friends, Katelyn, will be posting how to make this particular flower, but she is undergoing blog construction, so it isn't available yet. :)
Have a awesome day!


  1. That envelope is sooo cute! I luv the flower!

  2. Wow! I can't wait to see how to make that flower! :P


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